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art 1
1. Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature.
a. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium.
b. The study of these activities.
c. The product of these activities; human works of beauty considered as a group.
3. High quality of conception or execution, as found in works of beauty; aesthetic value.
4. A field or category of art, such as music, ballet, or literature.
5. A nonscientific branch of learning; one of the liberal arts.
a. A system of principles and methods employed in the performance of a set of activities: the art of building.
b. A trade or craft that applies such a system of principles and methods: the art of the lexicographer.
a. Skill that is attained by study, practice, or observation: the art of the baker; the blacksmith's art.
b. Skill arising from the exercise of intuitive faculties: "Self-criticism is an art not many are qualified to practice" (Joyce Carol Oates).
a. arts Artful devices, stratagems, and tricks.
b. Artful contrivance; cunning.
9. Printing Illustrative material.
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin ars, art-; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]
Synonyms: art1, craft, expertise, knack, know-how, techniqueThese nouns denote skill in doing or performing that is attained by study, practice, or observation: the art of rhetoric; pottery that reveals an artist's craft; political expertise; a knack for teaching; mechanical know-how; a precise diving technique.
art 2
(rt; ärt when stressed)
v. Archaic
A second person singular present indicative of be.
[Middle English, from Old English eart; see er-1 in Indo-European roots.]
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abbreviation for
(Medicine) assisted reproductive technology
1. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms)
a. the creation of works of beauty or other special significance
b. (as modifier) an art movement
2. the exercise of human skill (as distinguished from nature)
3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) imaginative skill as applied to representations of the natural world or figments of the imagination
4. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms)
a. the products of man's creative activities; works of art collectively, esp of the visual arts, sometimes also music, drama, dance, and literature
b. (as modifier) an art gallery See also arts, fine art
5. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) excellence or aesthetic merit of conception or execution as exemplified by such works
6. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) any branch of the visual arts, esp painting
7. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) (modifier) intended to be artistic or decorative art needlework
8. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms)
a. any field using the techniques of art to display artistic qualities advertising art
b. (as modifier) an art film
9. (Communication Arts / Journalism & Publishing) Journalism photographs or other illustrations in a newspaper, etc.
10. method, facility, or knack the art of threading a needle the art of writing letters
11. the system of rules or principles governing a particular human activity the art of government
12. artfulness; cunning
get something down to a fine art to become highly proficient at something through practice See also arts
[from Old French, from Latin ars craftsmanship]
Archaic (used with the pronoun thou) a singular form of the present tense (indicative mood) of be
[Old English eart, part of bēon to be]
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