jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011


Globalization has shortened distances between countries, it has allowed people from one part of the world to communicate with people from different parts of it. To define it, it is the constant exchange of information and goods from different parts of the world among them.

Many people say “we live in a globalized world”, that is to say, we live in a world communicated through the net, the TV and the radio. In this globalized world, techonolgy plays an important role, because it is thanks to that technology that many people are communicated and have access to the latest news around the world.
This advances have contributed a lot to the field of education. Nowadays, e-mails can be exchanged among classmates to carry out projects and even on line courses have appeared giving a possibility to those people who cannot afford their studies because they have to move from their home town.
Globalization also concerns the exchange of goods. Many multinational companies, like Coca Cola, have settled in developing countries providing local people of those countries with work. With the help of those companies, those countries can fight famine and unemployment in many cases.

Regarding some bad aspects of globalization, it can be said that it can exclude you, that is to say, if you are not willing to be globalized, you will be left behind. In other words, it is something that demands you to take it or leave, if you are not willing to be part of this, you would be like dropped aside from the way without going ahead in this new world.
Some other people say that globalization threatens local cultures, because of that exchange among different parts of the world with their different products, they are in one way “trading” culture. Those countries which let other cultures get into them, are undergoing some sort of exposure to other cultures and are leaving aside their own local culture.

To sum up, it can be said that globalization is good in what we let it play a role in our lives, but we should take into consideration that it can swallow you and give you the many possibilities it has to offer you or it can just leave you behind without its sources.

Esteban Arrieri

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