jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

The Royalty

The royal wedding and the monarchy for English people.

Many young people as well as many grown-ups in the world may not understand the importance of the royal family for the British. Some may wonder why they still have a monarch or the purpose of having that. But, there is something clear, British people care and love their royal family.

The royal wedding took place last Friday 29th April when the entire country and perhaps even the world stopped to look at what was happening there. The whole wedding was broadcast from its beginning to its end. It was as if the entire England was stopped by that event.

Why could this be so important for British people?
I think it has something to do with identity. This is something that represents British people from ancient times. But is this just the only thing that represents them? We may answer no, it is not. For example, the English language is something that represents them too. But, nowadays that is no longer an identity for them as many people speak English in the rest of the world; the language is not something they may claim as theirs. In contrast to this, the monarchy is actually something that represents them. They are proud of their future king and Queen, because it gives them an identity. There are very few countries of the world which continue to have a monarchy. That monarchy is plays also an important roll in English Society, because it is the head of the British army, so it has in their own hands the power to start a war or to end a war too. It is also the head of the Commonwealth, which represents an important oath among European countries.

This is my view on the importance of the royal family. And everything concerned to them will be of extreme importance for the British people. It is something anchored in their tradition, and they not only accept it but also love it.

Esteban Arrieri

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